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Hit the fast forward button to mid-January, when its frigidly cold, the holiday crunch is over and the itch to travel sets in.  This is the perfect time to get away to a place that nurtures your soul and inspires you on the deepest levels.    Why?  Because this place is connected to nature, connected to tradition and disconnected from the stresses of our modern world.

I want to personally invite you to join an adventure to one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Lake Atitlan Guatemala this upcoming January 14-21, 2017.  This mystical destination, considered the Motherland of the Mayans, is an energy-vortex with a LITERAL vibration.  Trust me, you will feel it!


You will be staying a Villa Sumaya, a beautiful retreat center set on acres of gardens in a private cove.  The center offers beautiful lodging overlooking the lake, mouth-watering meals, a private temple for our daily yoga & breathwork classes and a spa offering wonderful services.  (check out this video about Villa Sumaya)


During the adventure, you will experience the Mayan culture and witness their daily life, which is connected to our Earth in an intimate way and intact with their traditions.  
The all-inclusive retreat offers daily yoga & breathwork classes (beginner friendly!), excursions to hike a volcano, discover a nature preserve (with monkeys!) and explore local villages.  It also includes all of your lodging, food and transportation within Guatemala (to and from the airport).  The only thing not included is airfare, alcohol and spa services.

The weather on the Lake in mid-January is ideal, reaching mid 70's during the day, which is warm enough for shorts, short sleeves and a swim in the lake.  At night, it will cool off and have a lovely chill in the air.  


Only a few spots remain and I would LOVE for you to join.  The retreat is $2150 for shared accommodations or $2450 for a single room.  A non-refundable deposit of $500 holds your spot...and the balance can be paid in installments.  Remember, the retreat includes all excursions, lodging, meals, daily classes and transportation (excluding flight).  


You will be able to get back to neutral, restore your spirit and inspire yourself to think differently about life.  There's a different way of living...one that is more calm and centered...and you will feel more intimately connected to this way of being. Give yourself the gift of this experience...its absolutely life-changing!


Come with us...it will be spectacular!  Call me at 828-778-7707 to join or if you have any questions.  You can also learn more at breatherefuge.com/retreats.

With love...and excitement for an adventure together,


Lessons Learned from Dolly

Last week, a friend gifted me with a ticket to see Dolly Parton perform live in Charlotte.  She’s living legend and I am so grateful for the opportunity to see her perform.

While I had a feeling that she would be incredible in concert, I had no idea that I would be reminded of so many life lessons as a result of going.   They are simple…and powerful…and I wanted to share them with you.

How to Tap into Your Internal Guidance System

As humans, we have two halves.  We each have the left side of our brain (masculine and analytical) and right side of our brain (intuitive and creative).  So many of us are ruled by the left side of our brain and do not have a balance with both. 

In business, this is costly.  You see, the right side of our brain houses our internal guidance system that never leads us astray.  If we can learn how to tap into it, you will have a lifelong tool that will guide you forward on the right path, every single time.

Listen to the latest podcast to learn how to listen and trust this side of yourself.

Lululemon Ambassador Reveal...Part 2

Being asked to become an Ambassador for Lululemon is such a deep privilege.  For me, it was validation that I am on the right path, affecting my community in a positive way.   After learning more about this awesome company, I realized that we have so many shared values. 

One, they believe in empowering their employees to find what makes them unique and to share their gifts.  They believe in giving without the expectation of receiving in return.   They also believe that your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.   Finally, they believe in pushing your own boundaries and encourage one to do something everyday that scares them! 

For the duration of my two-year Ambassadorship, I will have a photograph displayed in their SouthPark store.  If you are in this Charlotte location, be sure to stop in and check it out!  Below are images of the sign going up.



You are Unlimited & ANYTHING is Possible!


Anything is possible.  I recently spent three days learning from one of the worlds top mentors and coaches, David Neagle.  The foundation of his teachings, and why it resonates so much with me, is universal law.  He teaches you how to live your life (and operate your business) in accordance to how the natural world operates.  

One of my big takeaways from the training was the knowing that anything is possible IF you dream it and desire it.  From there, all you have to do is believe that it will come.  It sparked an internal questioning within myself, what do I really want?  After contemplating this, I became crystal clear that one of the things I want the most in my life is to travel the world and experience its rich diversity.  

Just days after David's training, a friend of mine reached out and invited me to a cruise in Europe...for free!  As I am writing you, I am sitting in CLT airport ready to board my plane with a destination to Barcelona.  David was right.  You CAN have anything and you are unlimited...it just starts with becoming clear as to what your heart desires.

What is your heart begging for?  What do you want in your life?  Not what you think you "should" have but what truly makes your heart sing.  That is the gateway into creating the life you deeply desire.

A call for unity, healing & unconditional love.

This guest commentary written by Jonathan Winn for Q Notes was published on July 1, 2016:

I was in Orlando at Gay Days the weekend before the shooting at Pulse. There, I met Eddie Sotomayor who was one of the sweetest, brightest souls I met all weekend. Waking up to the news of the slaughter on June 12, and later learning of Eddie’s death, absolutely devastated me.

My own emotions have moved from deep sadness to fury to anger to solemness to a sense of determination. A fire that I have never felt before has been lit within me. I see this same fire within our community and in the hearts of so many others who were touched by what happened in Orlando.

As a life coach and healer who has a deep spiritual connection, I see there’s no coincidence that our community was targeted at this time of deep divisiveness in our world. It has mobilized us to levels I have never witnessed. It’s an awakening of sorts, and my hope is that the tragedy leads to more healing, building bridges, facilitating dialogue and loving each other more. In fact, it’s the only way to truly honor the lives of those we lost.

Many of us are asking ourselves, “what can I do to help?” I want to suggest a few ways to contribute and offer you a spiritual perspective around what humanity is facing on a global scale and how the LGBTQ plays a vital role right now.


Because of Orlando...a call to Love.

Like all of us, I woke up on Sunday, June 12 and was shocked to hear the news of the Orlando tragedy.  It hit particularly close to home for me, not only because my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters were targeted, but I was in Orlando just one week prior at a huge event called Gay Days.  I couldn't stop thinking had the shooter chosen a different venue just one week prior where thousands of us were gathered, not just hundreds, would I be among the body count?  It's a haunting thought.

It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that I learned of the death of Eddie Sotomayor, who I had just met at Gay Days.  Knowing someone in that building took my mourning to a deeper level.  He was a sweet, tender spirit who had a smile on his face every time you saw him.

My personal connection to the Orlando Tragedy inspired me to call for unity and love in a way to honor the lives of those we lost.  As a result I wanted to share my personal healing journey during this time and share perspectives that promote healing and unity in the video below.  Please watch and share as we work together to create a unified world filled with unconditional love.

Natural Antidote to Panic Attacks

As a Breakthrough Breathing™ facilitator, I have spent years observing how others breathe, especially when they feel anxiety and stress.  One of the things that I find fascinating is how those who suffer from panic attacks are breathing.