Lessons Learned from Dolly

Last week, a friend gifted me with a ticket to see Dolly Parton perform live in Charlotte.  She’s living legend and I am so grateful for the opportunity to see her perform.

While I had a feeling that she would be incredible in concert, I had no idea that I would be reminded of so many life lessons as a result of going.   They are simple…and powerful…and I wanted to share them with you.

Be Proud of Your Past
Dolly would sing a song and then tell a story about growing up in the Appalachian mountains, singing songs on her front porch with her family.  She is so proud of her heritage and has no shame about growing up in a small house with lots of brothers and sisters.  She even cherished having to share a bed with two siblings.

Honor Your Parents
She had a segment on her Momma, telling us stories of how she would love each of her children equally.  And her Daddy, while he was shy, had a great sense of humor and always took care of his family.  She took time to honor each of them.

Make Fun of Yourself a Little
She would playfully poke fun at herself.  Her looks, her boobs, her hair….nothing was off the table.  It reminded me to not take myself too seriously and to just have fun!  

Envision Your Future
Before she became famous, she literally saw herself singing to big audiences.  In her imagination, she felt what it was like to hit it big.  And you know the rest is history.  There’s something profoundly important within this lesson.  See yourself having what you desire, already.  Tap into the feeling of having it now and it will come!

Be Grateful for Everything You Have
Multiple times, Dolly thanked us for coming to her concert.  You could tell that it was sincere and genuine. Although she’s a legend with a huge following, she continues to express her gratitude for the support she has.  

In the spirit of Dolly, I wanted to express how grateful I am to have been born on a family farm in South Carolina.  I am grateful for the love and guidance that my parents gave and still give.  I am a proud Southern boy and appreciate having the experience of growing up deeply connected to the land.  Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, I spent the day with my family…and a few animals!  Here are some photos of my day.