The simple power of one deep breath

Have you ever noticed your breath when you feel nervous, anxious or even angry?  Most likely, you are breathing very short and shallow.  This shows us that there is a direct relationship between how you’re breathing and how you’re feeling.  I have found that your breath is one of your greatest tools available to help you feel less stressed, anxious or nervous.  

The next time you are feeling this way, follow these 3 simple steps to help you feel better:

#1: Notice your breath.  By bringing your awareness to how you are breathing when you feel emotional, like stress or anxiety, you begin to create a mental connection between your body and brain.  This connection will help you start noticing your breathing patterns more, allowing you to change them.

#2: Deepen your breath.  If you are breathing shallow when you feel anger or anxiety, deepening your breath is the antidote.  Allow yourself to bring in more oxygen into your body by deepening your inhale.  

#3: Slow down your breath.  When you gain control of your breath, you gain control of how you feel.  Slowing down your breath (coupled with deepening your breath) is one of the most powerful and effective tools to reduce stress.  

Now, I want to hear from you.  What situations cause you the most anxiety?  When do you get angry?  For me, driving in traffic drives me bananas.  Comment below and tell me what is your trigger.