Because of Orlando...a call to Love.

Like all of us, I woke up on Sunday, June 12 and was shocked to hear the news of the Orlando tragedy.  It hit particularly close to home for me, not only because my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters were targeted, but I was in Orlando just one week prior at a huge event called Gay Days.  I couldn't stop thinking had the shooter chosen a different venue just one week prior where thousands of us were gathered, not just hundreds, would I be among the body count?  It's a haunting thought.

It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that I learned of the death of Eddie Sotomayor, who I had just met at Gay Days.  Knowing someone in that building took my mourning to a deeper level.  He was a sweet, tender spirit who had a smile on his face every time you saw him.

My personal connection to the Orlando Tragedy inspired me to call for unity and love in a way to honor the lives of those we lost.  As a result I wanted to share my personal healing journey during this time and share perspectives that promote healing and unity in the video below.  Please watch and share as we work together to create a unified world filled with unconditional love.