As sensitive, intuitive and empathic beings, we are sensitive and can feel other people's energy.  It is important to create a daily practice of grounding and shielding to help protect us from being influenced energetically by other people.

Listen to the exercise below to guide you through the practice of grounding and shielding.


There are many ways to ground but the best ways are to connect barefoot to the Earth and water in any form.  Also, this article gives some great tips and evidence of why grounding is important


  1. Begin by standing with your feet firmly planted on the ground.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine sending beams of light from the soles of your feet into the Earth.
  3. Imagine these beams of light as your roots as if you were an Ancient Oak tree
  4. As you breathe, keep growing your roots down into the Earth.
  5. Send the beams so far down that they reach the core of Mother Earth.  As you reach the core, wrap your roots around the core, anchoring to the Earth.
  6. Continuing to breathe, now open your heart, imagining all of your love energy enveloping your entire being.  Then extend it outward, sending love to all things.
  7. With your roots grounded and your heart open, now imagine a beam of light leaving the crown of your head, extending upward into the farthest reaches of the Universe.  Here, you connect to God or a higher power source.
  8. Now, extend your arms out beside you.  With roots that are grounded, an open heart and a connection to a higher source, begin to pump your arms upward, pulling in energy from Mother Earth into your body.  Continue to pump your arms for a minute or so.
  9. Next, pump your arms downward, pulling God energy into your being, feeling connected to the divine and filled with its power.


(shielding prevents us from picking up other peoples negative energy, protects us from astrological interference, assists us with mental clarity and opens us up to hear our inner guidance.)

  1. You are going to surround yourself with three bubbles of light, each extending approximately four feet from your body.  
  2. The first four feet of light that is closest to your body is PURE VIOLET LIGHT.  This changes negative energy into positive energy.  What's interesting is in addition to its ability to change other peoples negative energy into positive energy, it also changes YOURS, so others are affected with your negative thoughts.  So with your eyes closed, see this pure violet light extending beside you, above you, behind you and even below you.  
  3. Next, extending an additional four feet from the edges of the violet light is the light of DEEP ROSE.  This represents love energy.  See this bubble of light encompassing the violet and your body.
  4. The final layer of light, extending the furthest away from your body an additional four feet is RADIANT WHITE LIGHT.  This represents the energy of God or the divine.  This will be the first thing people feel in your presence, pure divine energy.
  5. With your three bubbles of light, you are now sealed and protected from any negative energy or harm.