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"I recommend JONATHAN'S EXECUTIVE coaching program to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level."

Terri Gallagher, President and CEO

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Jonathan Winn is the Founder of Breathe Refuge and noted Motivational Speaker.  He helps to inspire clients and audiences to search for their unique purpose and to give it powerful expression, ever more boldly.  With nearly a decade of holistic wellness experience, he also teaches others powerful techniques and tools to de-stress and reduce the grip of anxiety. 

In 2016, Jonathan was named an Ambassador for International yoga brand Lululemon.

Jonathan’s experience in holistic wellness ranges from working at one of Condé Nast’s “Top 10 Spas in the Country,” The Omni Grove Park Inn, to apprenticing under internationally recognized author & healer, Christian de la Huerta, studying under world-reknown coaches David Neagle and Fabienne Fredrickson.

Jonathan offers an intuitive perspective and powerful ability to help individuals, groups and companies globally with personal growth & professional development.

He is a natural born speaker with a gift for inspiring audiences.  His life has literally prepped him to be on stage and is connected to his natural-born gift of speaking to audiences, large and small.


SPEAKER & Trainer

educate your team or Inspire your audience! 

Jonathan provides an an interactive, engaging or inspiring addition to your event, gathering or conference.  His topics include LGBTQ Inclusion, Tapping into Your Inner Power, Powerful Tools to De-Stress and Expand What's Possible in Your Life.  Each presentation is custom tailored to help you meet your goals of your event. 

Here is a great example of my work on stage at TEDxCharlotte.

Packages available:

  • One Hour Motivational Keynote Speaker or Training Presentation
  • Ongoing Diversity and Inclusion training
  • One Hour Motivational Keynote Speaker + Breakthrough Breathing™ experience (a powerful way to integrate what your audience learned and catapult them forward).
  • Round Table Discussions on LGBTQ inclusion, personal well-being, self-care, holistic wellness, stress management, increase productivity, happiness in the workplace.
  • Full Day Custom Package (speaking, consulting, coaching, discussions)

better version COACHING

Are you a go-getter who is committed to your personal growth?  Are you constantly seeking to better yourself?  If so, we would love to support catapulting you to the next level.

Despite being at the top of their game, every professional athlete has a coach.  So should you.  As your Better Version Coach, we will be your greatest advocate and ally in helping you create a cutting edge that sets your apart.  Together, we will identify obstacles holding you back from unlocking your full potential and teach you tools to catapult your life forward.  Our coaches have a gift for recognizing your greater potential, even if you do not fully see it.  We will create an expanded vision what's possible in your life and help catapult you there.

We work remotely, so we can support you anywhere.  Whether you are looking for a coach in New York, Los Angeles or Sydney, we will customize a 3 month program to help you propel your life forward with powerful tools to maintain balance and well-being along the way.

If you are 100% committed to create powerful change in your life, let's explore how we can help you as we only accept clients who are all in.  The next step is simply to schedule a complimentary Powerful Coaching Conversation ($247 value), our compliments to you.  On the call, we will dive into what you are struggling with, create a better understanding of where you want to go and if it's a mutual fit, explore opportunities to work together.   Get started today by completing this form or call me directly at 828-778-7707.

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